Constant Voltage LED Strip

Please note most of our LED Strips are available in colors such as red, green, blue and orange. We also have options available in different kelvin’s such as warm white, natural white and RGB. The LED Strip Light comes in 5 meter rolls.

Constant Voltage LED Strip Light is a common LED strip that can be used for most basic applications.

We stock 12 Volt and 24 Volt LED Strip lights in water proof and non water proof.

LED Modules Port Elizabeth

LED Bend Flex

The strip is available in 5 meter rolls, but it can be cut to custom lenghts making the solution versatile and adaptable. Uniquely, the strip is arranged in zig-zags which enables the user to manipulate the lighting around corners, a key differentiating feature from other types of LED strip.

Specifications for the 24 Volt Options:

  • Operating Voltage: 24 Volts
  • Any Constant 24 Volt Driver can supply power for this LED Strip.
  • CRI: >80
  • Supplied with 3M Backing Tape
  • 4.8 Watts Per Meter for Colors and 7.2 Watts Per Meter for White
  • PCB Size : 8mm
  • 60 LED’s per meter
  • LED Chip 3528
  • Dimmable

Available In 5 meter rolls in the following Colors:

  • Red – 4.8 Watts Per Meter
  • Blue – 4.8 Watts Per Meter
  • Yellow – 4.8 Watts Per Meter
  • Green – 4.8 Watts Per Meter
  • Cool White – 7.2 Watts Per Meter

Please note the maximum amount of LED strip in series should not exceed 3 meters in the 24 Volt option as the PCB board is very thin and is not designed to handle large currents. The 12 Volt option should not exceed 2 meters in series.

LED Strip Lights Durban

LED Flex for Food Lighting

If you want customers to buy food, you must make the food look appealing. Many conventional forms of artificial light fail to accurately reveal colors as they would appear under natural sunlight — but LED lighting is not a conventional source of light.

Advances in LED technology have vastly increased the level at which LED lights can faithfully reproduce colors.

Think about the decision that goes into buying a fresh mango. If the lighting source renders the colors of the fruit drab and lifeless, it’s going to be a tough sell to get customers to fork over the cash for this pricey delicacy.

However, imagine those mangos under bright, natural looking, evenly distributed LED strip lights, which reproduce the fiery reds and energetic oranges in the precise manner they would be rendered by tropical daylight.

LEDs also make great accent lights to spotlight high-margin fresh food displays. Adding LED lighting to fresh produce displays will ensure customers don’t pass those products by without at least considering a last minute addition to their shopping list.


LED Flex Strip

LED Side View Flex Strip

LED Modules Port Elizabeth

LED Hybrid Flex

Our high CRI two chip CCT adjustable LED strip allows you to set any white light color temperature between 2500K-6000K (CRI90). We have a range of aesthetically pleasing wall mount or remote control CCT adjustable controllers to choose from.


LED Channel and Diffuser Johannesburg

LED SPI Dot Running LED Flex

Create unique effects with this dot running LED Strip. Each LED chip is addressable.

LED Modules Port Elizabeth

LED Angle Adjustable Strip

Constant Current Non-waterproof LED Flexible Strips. Unique LED strip that has each LED chip on a flexible tab that can be adjusted to any desired angle.

Typical Specifications:

LED: SMD5630 and 70LED/m

Voltage: DC24V

Power: 15W/m

Waterproof: No

Flexible LED Strip Lights 12V Durban

High CRI LED Strip

These high power architectural LED strip lights utilizes the latest and most efficient LED’s available today and they are offered in a broad range of color temperatures.
This extremely efficient range of continuous lighting strip can perform numerous different lighting tasks – from decorative indirect, cove or accent lighting to direct general lighting with light lines.

The importance of CRI can be seen in the image below. A high CRI will have a visible effect when lighting a lounge or living area.

Flexible LED Strip Lights 12V Durban


LED Strip Lights Port Elizabeth


We have a wide range of RGB LED strips.

High Powered RGB Strip – First in South Africa!

This LED Strip has 120 RGB LED Chips and per meter and a power rating of 25 Watts per meter, It is extremely bright and they work excellently in our range of hanging LED Profiles. The LED Strips are also suitable for installation in clubs or on stages as they allow you to change the environment in which they are installed by creating cascades of light on the walls.

RGB + White LED Strip

Our new RGB plus white LED lighting strip is a combination of color changing RGB (red, green, blue) and white LED Chips such as cool white and warm white. The advantages of using RGB + White over the standard RGB is that you  get true warm white  or a true cool white LED chips as well as color changing. The strip is high powered at 19.2 watts.

We also stock RGB LED Strip lights in waterproof and non waterproof options which are available in 12 volts or 24 volts.

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