Sika Products

The introduction of Sika ® Products has led us to servicing many more industries including:-

 Marine (Structural Bonding and Sealing Below Water-line, UV exposed areas, Deck to Hull, Teak Deck bonding and caulking)
 Automotive (Car Windscreens, Panel Bonding, Bus Manufacture, Truck Trailers, Aluminium Trailers)
 Construction (Waterproofing, Glass Glazing and Bonding, Wooden Deck Bonding)
 Refrigeration (Refrigerated Rooms, Refrigerated Trucks)
 Engineering (Bonding Stainless Steel, galvanised steel, aluminium sheets)
 Signage Manufacture (Bonding Perspex to Aluminium, ACM (Aluminium Composite Materials such as Alpolic, Dibond, C-BOND, Alucabond)

VHB Double Sided Tape

VHB Joining Systems utilize firm acrylic adhesives which have excellent long term holding power.  The peel adhesion and tensile holding powerof products in the VHB family are significantly higher then typical pressure sensitive tape products. Resistance to solvents, temperature extremes, and U. V. Light make VHB products suitable for many interior and exterior applications.

Benefits of VHB Double Sided Tape:

  • Provides a sleeker finish – no need for drilling surfaces.
  • Removes local stress around fixing joints.
  • Allows thermal expansion between dissimilar materials like metal, glass and plastic.
  • Reduces vibration and noise due to elasticity of the tape.

We stock the following 3M tapes in 12mm and 24mm widths. The rolls are 33 meter’s long.

  • Grey RP45 Tape
  • Transparent Thin 9473 Tape
  • White 4941 Tape

LED Floodlights Port Elizabeth

Acrylbond 2 Part Glue

We stock a clear glue and the standard pink/green glue 2 part glue.

Acrylbond is very versatile, and can bond a wide variety of substrates to plastic without the need for surface primers or conditioners. Typical examples shown below:
• Bonding poly-carbonate letters in the sign industry.
• Bonding perspex in POS manufacture.
• Repairing poly-carbonate headlights.
• Bonding outdoor lighting lenses and fixtures.
• Assembling electric meter housings and covers.

Storage & Shelflife
Acrylbond should be stored unopened in a cool dry location, out of direct sunlight. Stored correctly, this grade can offer a 6 month shelf life from manufacture.

Acrylbond is available in 50ml Nylon cartridges for use with a dispensing gun.


Tridonic LED Distributor Durban

Clear Glue

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