Pre-Wired Waterproof Electronic Ballasts

W4S Indoor/Outdoor Electronic Ballast Series – Unique Product!

Power saving compared to magnetic ballasts up to 65%


  • For use in Indoor/Outdoor Sign Applications – IP65Waterproof Rating
  • Pre –wired with quality solid core, colour coded wire including T8 end caps for easy installation
  • Current surge protection
  • End of lamp life protection
  • 5 year Manufacturers Guarantee
  • CE and ROHS Certification
  • Spike Protection
  • Wide voltage range 160v-264v
  • 50/60hz
  • Thermal cut-out 70deg max
  • Steel housing with high quality resin power coating for maximum protection
  • Quick start – Minimum start temperature at – 25deg
  • Energy Efficient Index = A2
  • Ballast Dimensions:- 211x40x30mm
Useful Information Regarding Sizes of Ballasts:

2ft= 600mm = 18w

4ft= 1200mm = 36w  Can use this size for the 3 foot tubes as well.

5ft= 1500mm = 58w

We offer double ballasts in the above sizes as well which can then power 2 tubes. Eg you use a single ballasts to power 2 x 5 Foot Tubes.

  • 2 foot or 600mm 18 Watt Single
  • 2 foot or 600mm 18 Watt Double
  • 4 foot or 1200mm 36 Watt Single
  • 4 foot or 1200mm 36 Watt Double
  • 5 foot or 1500mm 58 Watt Single
  • 5 foot or 1500mm 58 Watt DoubleElectronic Ballast Johannesburg

Electronic Ballast Johannesburg

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